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Bretzke - 50 years of history with you

The kitchen, the oven, and the stove are the soul of a home, where our products give that special touch! That's because they are products with great and tasty recipes, which have been pleasing the most demanding consumers for more than 50 years, north and south of the country.

Everything began in the countryside of the state of Santa Catarina with a couple of German descent, who began producing vanilla sugar with a special recipe, learned from their ancestors, and made in a humble porcelain pan. In those days, Bretzke products were distributed on a bicycle. The brand developed, gained its deserved position in the market, and their products today are sold throughout Brazil and exported to several countries.

Today we have a full portfolio. Our product lines are developed with an extra spice of innovation, technology, convenience, and flavor to satisfy the category requirements and market progress.




Bretzke - 50 years of history with you
Vanilla Sugar: 1st product traded in 1964